About us

The very beginning of a bus transport in our family goes way back in 1953. That year my father and also my role model started with the transportation of people. I joined him in 1982 and for some time we had been working in the same company. After many years I had decided to make use of my knowledge in my own company, and in 2006 we started a company ABCTOUR d.o.o. We started with the transportation of people and car renting. In 2007 we bought our first new MB Tourismo that has entered into a market. In 2008 we started tourist agency. In the company we hire highly qualified people in the field of organization, and our drivers and tourist workers are professional, have many years of experience and know how to deal with passengers.


Nowadays we offer inland bus rides, bus travels, and bus tours as well as throughout all the Europe, with modern tour buses and minibuses, and with drivers who, as already mentioned, have lots of experience and a touch for passengers.




According to the Road Transportation Act and according to the Rules on terms and conditions to acquire a license for road passenger transport operators, we have acquired Licence No. GE002222/04523 for:
- international shuttle services
- inland shuttle services
-shuttle services for own account


All vehicles meet the requirements laid down in Slovenian and EU standards. All our passengers are additionally insured in case of an accident.
We have our own sales department where all bus rides, bus travels and bus tours are being prepared and organized. When preparing programs, our main concern is high level of service and safety of our passengers. All our products have been prepared on the basis of our own experiences and proven business partners. We never travel during night time which means that safety of our passengers is much higher.
According to Promotion of Tourism Development Act we have two licenses:
- to arrange tourist arrangements No.: 912
- to sell tourist arrangements No.: 913  

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