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What is a fly-drive holiday?


A flydrive is where you fly into a country, pick up a rental car and visit the area/region staying at different places along the way. Your trip ends at an airport where you drop off the car and head home.

This would be the most basic definition of a fly - drive. There are many possibilities. Fly drives are also known as self drive holidays, road trip holidays or multi-centre holidays.


Having established what a flydrive is, we will explain the possibilities of arranging one.


A complete fly drive package

We can provide a complete fly drive package. It is a fixed amount that buys you your flights, car hire and accommodation for your chosen route. We will explain in detail what is included in the given price. But no worries, we include all of the taxes, even the insurance for the rental car...


You can:

  1. choose to go on the reccomended route, that we arrange.
  2. or we can arrange your holiday based on your wishes. You can define exactly what you want to do and we will quote you for an all inclusive package. Contact us for the quote.
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