MARIBOR and POHORJE with surroundings

Wherever travellers come from, the Pohorje region - a green specialty of Slovenia’s mountain world, greets them with remarkable peat moors with lakes, extensive grassy plains and slopes that in winter become attractive ski areas, mighty forests and gigantic trees, well-marked mountaineering and hiking trails, hospitable inns, and inviting sporting and tourist centers.



From Maribor, a university and cultural center with an opera, theatre, museums, art galleries, and numerous events and many points of interest, it is possible to take the cable railway to the top of Pohorje or a city bus. The Maribor Pohorje area, with its views of the nearby winegrowing hills that reach right into the city, attracts visitors with the Snow Stadium – a venue for international skiing competitions and romantic night skiing, and the challenging Adrenalin Park.


Especially in summer, destinations by the river Drava are very attractive, for example the Lent area of the city that hosts a famous international summer festival, the landscape park Mariborski otok, and nearby Brestrniško lake, as are the numerous wine paths through the surrounding area.


From Maribor Pohorje, the view spreads across Dravsko Polje and Ptujsko Polje flatlands all the way to the hills of Haloze and Slovenske Gorice. Below the imposing Ptuj Castle with its regional museum, Slovenia’s oldest city Ptuj invites visitors to this part of Slovenia. This city of Kurenti (typical carnival mask) and other original traditions also boasts Slovenia’s oldest wine cellar with its archived treasures that inspire tourists to tour the winegrowing regions of Slovenske Gorice and Haloze. The Ptuj Thermal Spa promises relaxation.


 Ptuj and Maribor - one day tour


Departure from Ljubljana and drive towards the oldest city in Slovenia, Ptuj.

Upon arrival at Ptuj we take a walk through the old and narrow city streets where the visitor can really feel the spirit of the city. When we reach the castle hill we ascent upon it to the Ptuj castle where we take a look at the exhibition at the castle’s museum.

Visitors can really admire a splendid view from the castle on the city below and the river Drava. We take time off for lunch at one of the local restaurants.

After lunch we depart towards the second largest city, Maribor. In Maribor we take a walk through the city center and observe the main attractions (Lent, Slomšek Square, the University). Gathering at the bus and drive back to Ljubljana.

Alternative: Visiting Ptuj wine cellar or Maribor wine cellar, or Botanical garden Maribor, Botanical garden TAL 2000




 Ptuj and Celje - one day tour


Departure at 9 am from Ljubljana towards the city of Celje.

After arrival in Celje we take a look at the ruins of the Celje castle at the top of the hill. The castle is a symbol of the town and the dukes of Celje, which lived in it from the fourteenth to fifteenth century.

After castle sightseeing, we head down to the city center from where the road leads us to Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia. In Ptuj, we take a walk through the old narrow city streets where a visitor can really feel the spirit of the city and later ascent to the Ptuj castle in which we’ll look at the museum exhibition and gaze far around the landscape, as the castle provides a splendid view on the city and the river Drava.

In the late afternoon hours we depart back to Ljubljana.


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