Discover Slovenia - Group offer

    Slovenia 4 day guided group tour
    Short visit to Slovenia will take you to the capital city Ljubljana. From there, you will discover Bled, Bohinj, Škocjan caves; Lipica and more...
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    Slovenia 6 day guided group tour
    In five days you will experiance the best of Slovenia. From the mountain lakes, the carsic caves and the coastline to lovely capital Ljubljana.
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    Slovenia 7 day guided group tour
    Slovenia is described as "the hidden jewel of Europe". Discover the treasures and variability of our small green country. Feel Slovenia!
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    Highlights of Slovenia 7 days - for groups
    Stay in beautiful Bled, visit Ljubljana and take a dive into the Adriatic sea! Seven days of relaxation and some of the best sightseeing trips in Europe.
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    What is a fly-drive holiday?


    A flydrive is where you fly into a country, pick up a rental car and visit the area/region staying at different places along the way. Your trip ends at an airport where you drop off the car and head home.

    This would be the most basic definition of a fly - drive. There are many possibilities. Fly drives are also known as self drive holidays, road trip holidays or multi-centre holidays.


    Having established what a flydrive is, we will explain the possibilities of arranging one.


    A complete fly drive package

    We can provide a complete fly drive package. It is a fixed amount that buys you your flights, car hire and accommodation for your chosen route. We will explain in detail what is included in the given price. But no worries, we include all of the taxes, even the insurance for the rental car...


    You can:

    1. choose to go on the reccomended route, that we arrange.
    2. or we can arrange your holiday based on your wishes. You can define exactly what you want to do and we will quote you for an all inclusive package. Contact us for the quote.



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    Discover Slovenia - Individual offer

    The Škocjan caves - Lipica - Štanjel - day trip
    Discover the Slovenian Karst region. The Škocjan Cave sxstem is among the biggest and most beutiful worldwide, Lipizzaners are another mustsee.
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    Alpe Adria - Visit Lake Bled and Piran
    Alpine beauties Lake Bled and Bled castle, Mediterranean town Piran and Socerb Castle above the bay of Triest
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    Maribor and Styria – Wine and History
    Visit to the wolrd's old grape vine in Maribor and wine presentation with tasting, Žiče monastery, lovely little old town Slovenske Konjice.
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    Škocjan UNESCO caves and Lipica Stud Farm
    Škocjan UNESCO listed caves, Lipica stud farm, Lokev village, Karst landscape: caves, chasms, karst springs, intermittent lakes, and karst fields
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    Slovenia in a guided One Day Tour
    The tour has two parts an Alpine one with Bled, Bled castle, Lake Bled and Karsic one with Predjama castle and Postojna cave
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    Postojna cave and Predjama castle
    A half-day tour to Predjama castle and almost 25 km long Postojna cave, created by Pivka River are both top slovenian tourist sites.
    Price per person:
    79,00 €
    Idrija UNESCO heritage of Lace/Mercury
    The town of Idrija, underground system of mine tunels, and klavže-dams built on the river Idrijca nicknamed Slovenian pyramides
    Price per person:
    89,00 €
    Goriška Brda - Sightseeing and wine tasting trip
    Goriška brda at the western border with Slovenia's best wine and olive oil, Dobrovo castle and huge wine cellar, Šmartno medieval village
    Price per person:
    99,00 €
    Ptuj and Celje - Wine and History Tour
    Ptuj, Celje famos roman towns Poetovia and Celeia grew into lively small Slovenian towns, hosting excellent museums, good wine celler ...
    Price per person:
    99,00 €
    Soča river valley – Nature and Adventure Day Tour
    Kranjska gora, Vršič Mountain pass, Trenta, Bovec, Kobarid and Soča with white water rafting, kayaking, canyoning and zipline
    Price per person:
    99,00 €
    Coastbusters - Seaside in one day tour
    Socerb castle, Hrastovlje church and frescoes, Sečovlje Nature Park with it's salt fields, picturesque Piran and historical Koper, all in one day!
    Price per person:
    109,00 €
    Alpine Lakes - Bled and Bohinj
    Slovenia's jewel Bled with it's lake and Pletna boats, Bohinj and the glacial lake, Pokljuka plateau and Triglav National Park.
    Price per person:
    110,00 €
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