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Bled Vintgar gorge
St John in Bohinj
Bled lake
Bleda pictured from above
Bled castle
Bled Vintgar gorge
St John in Bohinj
Bled lake
Bleda pictured from above
Bled castle

Bled, Bohinj and Vintgar gorge - day trip

Excursion to Julian Alps and Triglav national Park: glacial lakes Bled and Bohinj and walk through Vintgar gorge, time to taste local food - day trip
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Excursion to Bled, Bohinj and Vintgar gorge - day trip


A day in the Julian Alps

This day trip takes you to Lake Bled, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovenia. Enjoy the marvellous views of the lake from Bled castle, one of Slovenia’s oldest castles, and from the traditional ‘pletna’ boat, which brings you to the picturesque island on Lake Bled.
Not far from Bled is the Pokljuka plateau, covered in amazing forests that are a part of Triglav National Park which stretches all the way to Bohinj Lake, an absolute gem nested in the heart of the Julian Alps.


Lake Bled

A trip to Bled, one of Slovenia's top attractions, must be a part of any visit to Slovenia. We visit Lake Bled, the/a world-famous Alpine lake renowned for a medieval castle perched on a cliff above the lake. We visit the museum at Bled castle and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the lake and its island with the Church of the Assumption.

We take a traditional pletna boat to Bled island. Time permitting, we go for a short stroll along the lake or have a coffee and kremšnita (vanilla cream cake, the most famous dessert in Slovenia)


Bohinj lake

The glacial lake Bohinj is considered the most beautiful place in Slovenia. It is the country’s centre of eco tourism and outdoor adventures.

It is the largest and most beautiful Alpine lake in Slovenia. Being part of the Triglav national park, Bohinj will impress you with its natural beauty and its serene peacefulness and you will surely vow to return.


Bled Vintgar gorge

Vintgar gorge is deeply carved into the limestone by the Radovna river, which you can follow on a 1.6 km path full of bridges and galleries that show you the truly remarkable landscape of the gorge. The river accompanies you in rapids and pools of amazing colour and finally leaves the gorge at Šum waterfall which is also the end of the trail.


Pokljuka plateau

Pokljuka is a high-elevation karst plateau that goes as high as 1,400 meters above the town of Bled and is already a part of the Triglav National Park, the only national park in Slovenia. You will be able to admire the thick spruce forests that are only broken by scant roads and swamps. Pokljuka is also famous for its Biathlon Centre, where some of our best athletes train in the winter time.



Program Bled, Bohinj and Vintgar gorge

1. Departure from Ljubljana on Gorenjska highway towards the jewel of Slovenian Alps, the city of Bled.


2. After arrival we take a short drive around lake Bled and take a guided walk up to the castle above Bled. After the castle tour we’ll head down to the lake and take a ride with a Pletna, which is a typical boat in Bled and take a look at the island in the middle of the lake with a church on it.


3.The tour continues to the biggest glacier lake in the heart of the Julian Alps, lake Bohinj. After a fifteen minute long walk, we’ll arrive at the spring of the river Sava Bohinjka, there we take a stroll around the lake.


4. After the walk, lunch break follows at one of the local inns.


5. After lunch, we head off to Vintgar, couple of kilometers away from Bled, where we’ll take a walk along one point six kilometer long beautiful river valley, which was shaped by the river Radovna.


6. Our tour ends at the waterfall Šum (Noise).


7. Gathering at the bus and drive back to Ljubljana.


The tour includes:

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Admission to Bled castle
  • Rowing boat ride to Bled island
  • Admission to church on Bled island
  • Admission to Vintgar gorge 

Price: 119 € (the group of 6-8 people)

Price: 149 € (the group of 4-5 people)

If your group count less then 4 persons, please contact us and we will try to combine two passenger groups.


Read more about your tour. Triglav national park

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