General terms – Payment and prices



The day of payment is the day when the passenger makes the payment at the desk of Abctour d.o.o., at the authorised agency or Abctour d.o.o. receives the payment on the transaction account of Abctour d.o.o. Registration fee and reservation costs, paid by the passenger when he/she signs up for a travel, are set to 30 % of the arrangement price or otherwise stated in the travel programme. The passenger has to pay the rest at least 15 days before the beginning of the travel or at other time if it is stated so in the programme. If the passenger or the authorised agency does not pay the rest of the arrangement price within the set deadline, it is understood that he/she cancelled the arrangement. The provisions stated in general terms, conditions and instructions for tourist arrangements published here are applied when dealing with the cancellation. The registration fee and other travel costs paid properly and in time guarantees the passenger a reserved place for every reserved tourist arrangement or travel, according to the conditions of these general terms and instructions for tourist arrangements or conditions listed in special operation conditions or programme. At the departure the passenger must present a document that confirms the arrangement payment (contract/note/voucher and/or attestation of payment) or he/she might be denied access to the arrangement or the travel. Passenger can pay in cash or in other means of payment. In compliance with the operation terms of financial institutions, Abctour d.o.o. cannot in any case pay cash in the case of repayment of any tourist arrangement or other service paid in cash or in other means of payment (credit card, maestro, BA ...). The passenger can demand a credit note that the agency can carry out through the bank directly to the transaction account of the passenger if he/she is entitled to it. If the tourist arrangement is reserved by the authorised tourist agency in the name of the passenger, all the provisions from this document apply also for the agency.



The travel prices are set in the programme and on the price list of the travel or vacations and are valid until the publishing of a new programme. Abctour d.o.o. reserves the right to price changes because of the changes in exchange rates or transport prices that affect the price of the travel in accordance with the law that regulates contractual obligations and regulations valid in the Republic of Slovenia. Abctour d.o.o. notifies the passenger about the potential price change 20 days before the departure. Abctour d.o.o. can determine in the programme that the passenger pays the service that will take place during the travel, on the location. In this case Abctour d.o.o. is not the organiser or a mediator, but only an informant. In this case the traveller asserts his/her reclamations exclusively on the spot to the performer of the service. Abctour d.o.o. can set the price of the arrangement in the programme, explicitly stating that the prices may rise if the number of the passenger does not pass a certain amount or other predefined conditions occur. When applying, the passenger is offered the most favourable price, but is acquainted and irrevocably agrees to the subsequent payment of the additional costs that may occur because only the minimum of the passengers applied. If fewer passengers decide to apply to the travel, the clients will be notified about the terms and conditions change a week before the departure. This provision does not state that the conditions for higher price will occur or that the passenger cannot withdraw from the contract if the conditions do occur. Different discounts and benefits are mutually exclusive and cannot be added together. If several discounts are offered, the passenger can choose the one he/she favours the most.


If not set otherwise in the programme, the transport, hotel and catering services stated in the travel programme and the travel organisation, VAT (DDV) and basic accident insurance are all included in the arrangement price. If not set otherwise in the programme, every tourist arrangement price covers one passenger accommodation in standard double room without a view, balcony and other additions, offering only the basic living standard. If three passengers wish to be accommodated in the same room, they should keep in mind that the third bed is added into the room and is equal to the original accommodation. If there are any exceptions, they are all stated on the price list for particular countries. Food, comfort and other offers are controlled by local tourist agencies. The standards of different tourist destinations are different and cannot be compared. Nutrition is adjusted to the local habits. Organiser is not responsible for any written or spoken information that the passenger got at the sales office or the information that is given on the Internet, describing individual objects as these are local information and assessments.  

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