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Marina in Portorose
Piran peninsula
Saline fields Sečovlje
Detail from Koper
Marina in Portorose
Piran peninsula
Saline fields Sečovlje
Detail from Koper

Coastbusters - Seaside in one day tour

Socerb castle, Hrastovlje church and frescoes, Sečovlje Nature Park with it's salt fields, picturesque Piran and historical Koper, all in one day!
Price per person:
109,00 €

Coastbusters - Seaside in one day tour


The Slovenian coast is small but endearingly charming. This is the best day trip to visit the highlights of the Slovenian coast and its hinterland.

We visit Socerb castle and admire magnificent views of Koper and the Bay of Trieste. We continue through the coastal hinterland towards the Soline Nature Park, to discover the ages old traditions of salt production in the natural habitat of numerous birds and other animals. Piran is the prettiest town in Slovenia. End the tour with a walk through historical Koper, the most important city on the Slovenian coast.


Socerb castle

Socerb offers breathtaking views of the Slovenian coast and the Gulf of Trieste and since it is not known as one of the top attractions, you can enjoy the scenery undisturbed. The castle ruin is placed high up above the coastline at the very edge of the Karst Plateau and has been dominating that cliff since the Illyrian times.


Hrastovlje church & frescoes

Hrastovlje is a small village in Slovenian Istria, most famous for its 12th century Church of the Holy Trinity. It is one of the most beautiful cultural monuments in Slovenia, marked by amazing 15th century frescoes, among which you can find a precious motif of the "Dance of Death". The church was also an important stronghold against the Ottoman invasions and is still surrounded by a 16th century wall.


Sečovlje salt fields (soline)

Salt has been acquired at the Sečovlje salt fields for over a millennium. The entire area spreads over more than 600 hectares and most of it is a landscape park, protecting both natural and cultural heritage of the area. A visit of the Sečovlje salt fields is an essential part of any day trips to the Slovene coast, as you can learn about the traditional salt production and the balance that was established here between man and nature. In the summer time, when the salt works are in full swing, the fields are bustling and alive, and in any other season it is a peaceful place with beautiful scenery that has served as an inspiration to many renowned artists.



Piran is a tourist highlight of the Slovenian coast, strongly influenced by the old Venetian Republic. Walk through its narrow medieval streets wedged between beautiful houses, churches and squares and enjoy the breeze that blows from the sea.

The main square is named after Giuseppe Tartini, a famous violinist and a composer who was born in Piran. On the hill above the square you can see the signature Church of Saint George, who is also the patron saint of the town. The small town is still partially surrounded by a typically Venetian wall which used to serve as protection of this marine and salt trade hub in the Bay of Piran.



Koper is today the most important place on the Slovenian coast with an amazing Venetian town centre. Koper is also an important port and a popular stop for cruise ships, which makes it an ideal base for cruise ship shore excursions.


Price: € 109 / person, minimum four persons


Our prices are all-inclusive, so the only extra cost on the tour is lunch. You need to take that into consideration when comparing tour prices, as many agencies advertise low prices and put the admission fees and other extras in the small print.


Price includes:

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Admission to Hrastovlje church
  • Entrance fee of Sečovlje salt fields


Optional extras:

Our scheduled day trips have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 passengers (single traveller surcharge is 50€ when there are no other bookings for the tour).


All of our daytrips are also available as private tours. We can customize any tour to the needs and interests of the guest (1-3 persons from 390€; 4-6 persons from 490€).


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