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Škocjan UNESCO caves and Lipica Stud Farm
Škocjan UNESCO caves, Lipica stud farm, Lokev, Karst landscape
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Slovenia 6 day group tour
In five days you will experiance the best of Slovenia. From the mountain lakes, the caves and the coastline.
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from 389,00 €
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The Škocjan caves - Lipica - Štanjel - day trip

The Škocjan caves - Lipica - Štanjel - day trip

Discover the Slovenian Karst reagion.
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149,00 €

1. Departure from Ljubljana towards Divača on the highway to the protected park Škocjan Cave park, where the local guide takes us into the underground world of the majestic Škocjan caves, which are listed as a Unesco world heritage site.

With the size of their halls and underground streams, Škocjan caves hold a special place among seven thousand of Slovenia’s caves. The structure of Škocjan caves consists of eleven caves, sinks, natural bridges and cuttings.


2. When we reach the surface, the tour continues to Lipica, a place well known for the unique breed of horses, namely Lipizzaners. In Lipica, we’ll take a peak in the breed house, admire the noble stallions and watch them in their elegant performance.


3. We will visit a wine cellar in the vicinity of Štanjel castle.

Our visit includes:

  • a tour of the vine cellar with
  • tasting of liquer, white wine and cheese and Parmesan
  • a restaurant visit including prosciutto, bacon, cheese spread, melon and 1dcl of Teran wine 


4. Our road leads from Lipica to the old city of Štanjel, situated at the top of Turn hill. Štanjel is an ancient medieval city with the city walls still intact.

A walk around the small town will be perfect to end the trip, as Štanjel is full of romantic narrow streets, the old castle above and the church of Saint Daniel.


Price: 119 € (the group of 6-8 people)
Price: 149 € (the group of 4-5 people)
If your group count less then 4 persons, please contact us and we will try to combine two passenger groups.


The tour includes:
Admission to Škocjan Cave park

Admission to Lipica
Wine tasting


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