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Ljubljana, the capital
Mirror in Bled lake's water
The nicest glacial lake in Slovenia
Piran most beutiful on the coast
St. John's church Bohinj
Ljubljana, the capital
Mirror in Bled lake's water
The nicest glacial lake in Slovenia
Piran most beutiful on the coast
St. John's church Bohinj

Highlights of Slovenia 7 days - for groups

Stay in beautiful Bled, visit Ljubljana and take a dive into the Adriatic sea! Seven days of relaxation and some of the best sightseeing trips in Europe.
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Highlights of Slovenia 7 days - for groups


Guided group tour of Ljubljana

Do you know that the oldest wooden wheel world was found in Ljubljana? Did you know that Ljubljana was founded by the old Romans 2000 years ago with the name Emona? Have you heard that two strong earthquakes have influenced the visual image of the city of today? Did you know about a beautiful medieval castle standing above the city or that Ljubljana was a capital of Dutchy of Carniola for centuries and Ilirian provinces during Napoleon's era? Did you know that Ljubljana is demographicaly one of the youngest capitals in Europe with 60.000 students? Do you know that the cleanest river running through any world capital runs through Ljubljana? Did you know that Ljubljana was declared a european green capital for 2016Embrace 5000 years of city history with a guide.


Lake Bled

A trip to Bled, one of Slovenia's top attractions, must be a part of any visit to Slovenia. We visit Lake Bled, the/a world-famous Alpine lake renowned for a medieval castle perched on a cliff above the lake. We visit the museum at Bled castle and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the lake and its island with the Church of the Assumption.
We take a traditional pletna boat to Bled island. Time permitting, we go for a short stroll along the lake or have a coffee and kremšnita (vanilla cream cake, the most famous dessert in Slovenia)


Bohinj lake

The glacial lake Bohinj is considered the most beautiful place in Slovenia. It is the country’s centre of eco tourism and outdoor adventures.

It is the largest and most beautiful Alpine lake in Slovenia. Being part of the Triglav national park, Bohinj will impress you with its natural beauty and its serene peacefulness and you will surely vow to return.


Bled Vintgar gorge

Vintgar gorge is deeply carved into the limestone by the Radovna river, which you can follow on a 1.6 km path full of bridges and galleries that show you the truly remarkable landscape of the gorge. The river accompanies you in rapids and pools of amazing colour and finally leaves the gorge at Šum waterfall which is also the end of the trail.


Predjama castle

The Predjama Castle reigns over the surrounding area, perched high up in a vertical cliff, not far from the Postojna cave, in the idyllic village of Predjama. It is an interesting and romantic sight throughout the year: in the spring and summer its surroundings are abundant with blossoms and flowers, in the autumn it is clad in the colours of surrounding forests and it is at its most enchanting in the winter when the surrounding area is covered in snow. The castle was referred to in writing for the first time in 1202 and today it has been placed on lists of top 10 castles to see in the world.

Erazem of Predjama (Erasmus) is the main protagonist of numerous legends – on the one hand these legends glorify him as a passionate, handsome and noble knight, while on the other he is described as a bandit and a robber baron who met his death on the toilet.


Postojna cave

Postojna Cave is the best-known cave in the world. It is also the greatest tourist attraction in Slovenia and one of the world's largest Karst monuments.

What makes Postojna cave a must-see attraction of Slovenia? Starting with a unique and adventurous ride with a special train, it is one of the most diverse cave systems in the world, with 21 km of passages, galleries and magnificent halls, which offer an unparalleled experience of the underground world and a large diversity of underground animals – including the world famous human fish (proteus anguinus).

The temperature in Postojna cave is a constant 9o C / 48o Fahrenheit, so you need to bring some warm clothes and comfortable shoes.



Piran is a tourist highlight of the Slovenian coast, strongly influenced by the old Venetian Republic. Walk through its narrow medieval streets wedged between beautiful houses, churches and squares and enjoy the breeze that blows from the sea.

The main square is named after Giuseppe Tartini, a famous violinist and a composer who was born in Piran. On the hill above the square you can see the signature Church of Saint George, who is also the patron saint of the town. The small town is still partially surrounded by a typically Venetian wall which used to serve as protection of this marine and salt trade hub in the Bay of Piran.


Sečovlje salt fields (soline)

Salt has been acquired at the Sečovlje salt fields for over a millennium. The entire area spreads over more than 600 hectares and most of it is a landscape park, protecting both natural and cultural heritage of the area. A visit of the Sečovlje salt fields is an essential part of any day trips to the Slovene coast, as you can learn about the traditional salt production and the balance that was established here between man and nature. In the summer time, when the salt works are in full swing, the fields are bustling and alive, and in any other season it is a peaceful place with beautiful scenery that has served as an inspiration to many renowned artists.


Package includes:

  • Accommodation in hotel 3* in double rooms with toilet and shower with breakfast (4 nights in Bled, 3 nights in Portorož),
  • Visitor`s tax,
  • All transportation and road tax,
  • Guide,
  • Accompaniment and arrangements,
  • 1 FOC for the tour leader in a single room,
  • VAT.


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