Discover the Balkan Countries Tour
    Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Balkan tour presents you the higlights of 4 Balkan countries, their history, nature and food.
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    from 759,00 €
    From Venice To Vienna - 6 day multy country tour
    The canals of Venice, the glory of Viena, green Slovenian countryside and great food offer, Slovenia is culinary destination of 2021
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    From Vienna To Venice - 6 day multy country tour
    Visit Vienna, continue to the green jewel of Europe Slovenia. Taste culinary delights of Maribor, Ljubljana and Bled. End the tour with a coffee in Venice!
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    Italy, Slovenia, Croatia - 8 day multy country tour
    Round tour of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, start and finish in Venice. Visit Venice, main attractions of Slovenia and Croatia including Bled and Plitvice
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    Highlights of Slovenia

    We hosted a group of guests from United Kingdom. It was a lot of fun! Read about their trip and their reccomendations!


    Traveleyes is the world's first and foremost commercial company specialising in opening access to independent world travel for blind and partially sighted people.

    We were honored they picked us for organising and leading the holiday visit to Slovenia for their travelers from United Kingdom.

    Reccomendations from our guests:


     "Our tour guide went out of her way to be flexible regarding the itinirary and alternative options based on the ability of the group.

    Enjoyed the trip. Slovenia is a diverse and beautifull country and the peaople are friendly."


    "I would recommend this company for the opportunity to explore the culture and nature of this beautifull country."


    "Abctour is a great holiday company that takes a lot of care and effort in making your holiday memorable."


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      Slovenia 7 day guided group tour
      Slovenia is described as "the hidden jewel of Europe". Discover the treasures and variability of our small green country. Feel Slovenia!
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