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Bled - Bohinj - Vintgar Gorge 



Discover Slovenia - Group offer

    Slovenia 4 day guided group tour
    Short visit to Slovenia will take you to the capital city Ljubljana. From there, you will discover Bled, Bohinj, Škocjan caves; Lipica and more...
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    Slovenia 6 day guided group tour
    In five days you will experiance the best of Slovenia. From the mountain lakes, the carsic caves and the coastline to lovely capital Ljubljana.
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    Slovenia 7 day guided group tour
    Slovenia is described as "the hidden jewel of Europe". Discover the treasures and variability of our small green country. Feel Slovenia!
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    Highlights of Slovenia 7 days - for groups
    Stay in beautiful Bled, visit Ljubljana and take a dive into the Adriatic sea! Seven days of relaxation and some of the best sightseeing trips in Europe.
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    Multi country tours

      Discover the Balkan Countries Tour
      Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Balkan tour presents you the higlights of 4 Balkan countries, their history, nature and food.
      Price per person:
      from 759,00 €
      From Venice To Vienna - 6 day multy country tour
      The canals of Venice, the glory of Viena, green Slovenian countryside and great food offer, Slovenia is culinary destination of 2021
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      From Vienna To Venice - 6 day multy country tour
      Visit Vienna, continue to the green jewel of Europe Slovenia. Taste culinary delights of Maribor, Ljubljana and Bled. End the tour with a coffee in Venice!
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      Italy, Slovenia, Croatia - 8 day multy country tour
      Round tour of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, start and finish in Venice. Visit Venice, main attractions of Slovenia and Croatia including Bled and Plitvice
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      Discover Slovenia - Individual offer

        Alpine Lakes - Bled and Bohinj
        Slovenia's jewel Bled with it's lake and Pletna boats, Bohinj and the glacial lake, Pokljuka plateau and Triglav National Park.
        Price per person:
        110,00 €
        Goriška Brda - Sightseeing and wine tasting trip
        Goriška brda at the western border with Slovenia's best wine and olive oil, Dobrovo castle and huge wine cellar, Šmartno medieval village
        Price per person:
        99,00 €
        Coastbusters - Seaside in one day tour
        Socerb castle, Hrastovlje church and frescoes, Sečovlje Nature Park with it's salt fields, picturesque Piran and historical Koper, all in one day!
        Price per person:
        109,00 €
        The Škocjan caves - Lipica - Štanjel - day trip
        Discover the Slovenian Karst region. The Škocjan Cave sxstem is among the biggest and most beutiful worldwide, Lipizzaners are another mustsee.
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