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Ptuj with a castle
Celje castle
Celje graffiti
Ptuj karnival kurents
Ptuj and river Drava
Ptuj with a castle
Celje castle
Celje graffiti
Ptuj karnival kurents
Ptuj and river Drava

Via Slovenica – Exploring Roman Heritage

Celje, Roman necropolis, Ptuj the most important roman finds in Slovenia besides Emona, where your tour starts
Price per person:
130,00 €

Via Slovenica – Exploring Roman Heritage


Discover Celje, the city of princes, beneath which lie the remnants of the old Roman Celeia. Walk the streets of Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia and find out about the old Roman religion, Mithraism, visiting some of the rare preserved shrines.
This tour also takes you past one of the most impressive provinical art work, the Roman tombstones in Šempeter.


Celje in the Roman times

Slovenia’s third largest city has been an important place since the Celtic and Roman times. The Romans developed the old Celeia as an important economic and military hub, a fact of which you can make sure by visiting the A Town Beneath Today's Town exhibition, hidden under the Old Count's Mansion, which offers a variety of Roman remains. You can walk on an old Roman road, peek into a Roman villa and marvel at some beautifully preserved Roman statues. Walk through Celje's old town above which the old castle towers on a nearby hill. It used to be the home of the Counts of Celje, a bloodline that once rivalled that of the Habsburg's for political supremacy in this part of the world. Celje can be easily placed among top 10 attractions in Slovenia.


Ptuj - the oldest Slovenian town

The oldest and quite possibly the prettiest city in Slovenia is built upon huge wine cellars on the banks of the river Drava.

Lying by the Drava river, Ptuj was an important station on the prehistoric Baltic – Mediterranean amber trading route. Historically, it is one of the most important places in the country, and its 2000-year history can be felt as you walk through the town. You will admire the elegant city squares and townhouses, rich in architectural details and incorporated archaeological pieces. A view from the castle above the city is simply breath-taking.


Roman necropolis

The Roman Necropolis is an open-air museum containing four complete Roman tombs and other items that were discovered in the area of Šempeter. It is one of the most important Roman remains in Slovenia and in Central Europe, and it testifies to the importance of the region in the Roman era.


Price: € 99 / person


Our prices are all-inclusive, so the only extra cost on the tour is lunch. You need to take that into consideration when comparing tour prices, as many agencies advertise low prices and put the admission fees and other extras in the small print.


Price includes:

  • Guide
  • Transport
  • Entrance fee of Celeia – a town beneath todays town exhibition
  • Entrance fee of Ptuj castle
  • Guided tour of the Roman necropolis

Optional extras:

Our scheduled day trips have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 passengers (single traveller surcharge is 50€ when there are no other bookings for the tour).

All of our daytrips are also available as private tours. We can customize any tour to the needs and interests of the guest (1-3 persons from 390€; 4-6 persons from 490€).


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