September flight and tour to Slovenia

 27.9. - 1.10.2015

Wizz air flight and Discover Slovenia tour

Date:  27.9. - 1.10.2015


  • Do not miss this offer! Wizz Air takes you to Slovenia for only £64,98.
  • We take you on a 3 day tour of Slovenia.
  • You have the last day off to explore Ljubljana on your own.


Example of PRICE for 6 persons:

flight ticket: £64,98 / per person

3 day Discover Slovenia tour: 357 EUR (cca. £261) / per person (4 nights in hotel**** included in the package)

1 day extra hotel****: 35 EUR / per person (cca. £26) (only for our guests)

You will be staying in HOTEL BIROKRAT**** 

And we will also include tickets for Ljubljana city transportation!


TOTAL: £351,98




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