General terms – General rules



A client signing up for a trip to a foreign country has to possess a valid passport or other suitable valid document with which he/she can enter the chosen country. In certain countries it is obligatory to possess a document that is valid for a certain amount of time before expiring. In such cases the document will be verified at the arrival, before entering in a certain country. The client is obliged to take care of such official stipulations. Abctour d. o. o. is not responsible and will not answer for possible inconveniences or compulsory ending of a travel for a passenger because of such reasons. The client is obliged to acquire a visa for countries that are the destination of his travel and require such a document, before the trip or until the date that is written in the programme. If the client does not comply with this obligation Abctour d. o. o. acts in accordance with the trip cancellation allocations. If Abctour d. o. o. is committed to arrange a visa for the client, Abctour d. o. o. guarantees the successful acquiring of the document. The costs for acquiring the visa will not be refunded by Abctour d. o. o. Abctour d. o. o. does not guarantee the accuracy of information that were obtained from the embassies in charge. If entering into a certain country is denied or if some other barrier occurs, all the costs are paid by the client himself/herself. Mediation of Abctour d. o. o. in acquiring a visa is not included in the costs and has to be paid separately. It is understood that the client acquires his/her own visa if he/she dos not deliver the required documents for obtaining visa by the deadline set in the programme or the offer. Because of the requirements in the international passenger transport (airplane, ship, coach ...) the passenger is obliged to communicate all the personal information of all the participants of the trip or a vacation that he/she wishes to sign up when he/she makes the reservations. The information must completely correspond to the information in official documents that the passengers are obliged to have on them during the travel by the valid regulation of the cross-border travel and other foreign legislative acts. If the incorrect information causes delays, additional costs or interruption of the travel, the passenger alone is responsible for all the costs of all the participants in the travel.



For the travels with organised passenger transport the passenger will obtain the last notice no later than 5 to 7 days before the departure. If the passenger does not obtain the notice within this deadline, he/she is obliged to come to the travel application office. Passenger bares the damages that might arise because of insufficient or incorrect address on the chit/voucher or in the contract that he/she had to provide.



By the regulations of World health organization the passenger has to be vaccinated and acquire a corresponding document for travels into certain countries. The vaccination is obligatory also if such a regulation is adopted after the conclusion of the travel contract and this cannot be an excusable reason for termination of the contract as far as this does not endanger the health of the passenger in which case the passenger is obliged to present medical certificate. If it is specified or demanded in the travel programme that a passenger must be vaccinated for certain diseases, every passenger must provide an international certificate for himself/herself – yellow booklet with accurate vaccination register. Abctour d. o. o. does not answer for possible complications or interruption of the travel for a passenger because of passenger’s disrespect of destination country health regulations or the programme to which he/she applied as well as for the costs that might derive from that.



The organiser, agent or mediator is not responsible for the luggage transportation, damaged or lost luggage, neither for luggage or other valuable objects stolen from the hotel room. The passenger himself/herself must address the notification of lost or damaged luggage directly to the transport operator or the hotel. For transport of special luggage as are bicycles, surfboards, golf equipment and similar the passenger has to pay extra to the transport organiser, usually at the departure, directly at the airport. It is necessary to declare transport of such luggage already when signing up for a trip, but the air carrier withholds the right to reject the transport of such luggage because of limited capacities. All the costs or damages that might arise because in such cases have to be paid by the passenger himself/herself. Transport of baggage up to a certain weight determined by the transport operator is free. With air transportation the passenger has the right to free transport of a certain luggage weight (determined by the transport organiser); every additional kilo has to be paid extra by the passenger himself/herself at the airport in a suitable currency or in compliance with the regulations of the air carrier. Children under two years of age are not entitled to free transport of their luggage. The airline is responsible for the luggage at the air transport, based on the regulations valid in international civil aviation. In the case of lost luggage the passenger has to fill out the form PIR of the airline which enabled the travel. The passenger must submit the form to a representative of the airline and keep one copy to himself/herself. Based on the form, the airline repays damages set by international passenger transport regulations. Abctour d. o. o. does not answer for stolen or damaged luggage of the passengers or other personal items, valuable items or documents from the accommodation objects (hotel rooms, apartments and similar) and from means of transportation (airplanes, coaches, ships and similar).



Abctour d. o. o. does not answer for punctuality of the transport on land, sea and in the air, if public transportation is used as ordinary or special transport whether on land, in the sea or in the air. The responsibility of the transport organisers is appropriately set in the contract between the passenger and transport organiser that enters into force when the passengers starts to travel by the means of travel in question. Abctour d. o. o. does not answer for the damages that may occur because of the delays, cancellations or changes in transportation or means of transport. Abctour d. o. o. withholds the right to change the timetable, type of the airplane, transport organiser or flight course (intermediate stops, return from a different airport and similar) that may occur because of diverse technical or organisational reasons. Delays can also appear as consequence of airspace congestion, strikes or bad weather and the organiser has no influence over them. Changes mentioned in the previous paragraph in arrangement packets are not understood as changes of travel programme, because first and last day of the travel are dedicated to arrival to the destination and departure from the destination and additional transport only, not to resting.



If a passenger loses his/her documents during the travel or if they get stolen, but these documents are still necessary for continuing the travel or for the return into the home country, passenger has to provide new documents on his/her own cost. The passenger can ask the guide of the travel or representative of Abctour d. o. o. for help and advice when dealing with formalities connected to such unfortunate events. If the passenger has to end the travel because of the lost or stolen documents, he/she is not entitled to any kind of reimbursement of the paid trip or reimbursement of the costs.



Information that is given to the client when he/she applies for the trip does not oblige Abctour d. o. o. further than the information in the programme or in the offer. When in doubt, the valid information is a written offer, written information or written explanation. Prices and photographs published on the Internet and in the commercial materials are of informative nature and Abctour d. o. o. does not guarantee for perfection, authenticity or appearance if such a guarantee is not otherwise specified.



The accommodations are stated in the programme in accordance with the destination country categorization that is valid at the time of programme publication and to which the organiser has no influence. It is necessary to emphasize that the categorization criteria in some tourist destinations is very different to the criteria normal for Slovenia or most of the west European countries, so the reservation of a higher ranking hotel is advised on such destinations. The organiser is not responsible for any written or spoken information, obtained from the authorised agency of the organiser that is not in compliance with the description of the service in his programme. House rules, food, service, beach and other hotel offers are controlled by local tourist agencies. The organiser also has no influence over these features. When an arrangements is named “all inclusive”, the description of the service in the programme or the offer needs to be read carefully, as the “all inclusive” offers are not always the same. In the all inclusive offer the usual service is full board and lodging (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with drink included.



The passenger must reprimand all irregularities and deficiencies on the spot to the tour guide Abctour d.o.o., the direct performer of the service, the representative or the authorised local agency. If the reclamation concerns problems that could be resolved on place (for example dissatisfaction with the cleanliness of the room, room furniture, room position and similar) and the passenger did not report it to the aforementioned personnel at the location, it is understood that the passenger agreed with the particular service. With this action the passenger looses the right to complain and demand lower costs of the service or reimbursement of the damages. The passenger can file a written reclamation within two months after he/she returns from the travel/vacation. Abctour d.o.o. does not deal with the demands for lowering costs or repayment of the damages without obtaining a written reclamation. The written reclamation should be sent to the next address: Abctour d.o.o., Mrharjeva ulica 19, 1210 Ljubljana. The reclamation should be signed and can only be filled out by the passenger himself/herself or by an authorised third person with a written authorisation. The authorisation has to be added to the reclamation or the reclamation will not be accepted by Abctour d.o.o. The reclamation cannot be made without a solid reason. The passenger has to add sufficient evidence and/or a proper attestation from the hotel, the transporter or other adequate person confirming the reason for the passenger’s reclamation. The compensation is in every case set by the price of the paid arrangement. If the arrangement or certain service was not realised and Abctour d.o.o. is responsible for the cancellation, the passenger has the right to compensations of actual cancelled service costs. This provision is not valid in the case when Abctour d.o.o. has the right to cancel or change the arrangement or programme in accordance with provisions in these general terms and with the law.



Abctour d.o.o. will protect all the passenger’s personal information in accordance to the information protection law. It is understood that the passenger by signing the contract allows the use of the given information to complete the contract commitments and rights and also for the purposes of direct marketing, market research, client segmentation, statistics and informing the passenger about new offers of Abctour d.o.o. and its business partners. If the passenger does not want to allow all this, he must state so when applying for the travel.



All potential client disputes will be dealt with by the court in Ljubljana in charge. These general terms are valid for all contracts concluded after the day when the relevant texts were published.



Additional warnings and special terms apply for all tourist arrangements in those points that differ from general conditions and instructions for tourist arrangements. These arrangements are also regulated by the general terms for tourist arrangements and instructions or provisions in particular programmes, if it is set so in the contract. 

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