General and special conditions and instructions are part of all our arrangements and are added to our catalogues and pricelists. The tourist's signature confirms their being introduced with the general conditions and instructions and their irrevocable agreement with our terms. General and special conditions and instructions are also part of the contract or voucher which is made between the Abctour Ltd.or the authorized agency and the tourist who is to register at a particular tourist arrangement. General conditions apply only to tourist arrangements which are organized by Abctour Ltd. except for their being explicitly stated to also apply to selling arrangements by other organizers. In case the special conditions of operation or a particular programme concerning any point of general conditions and instructions are different it is the statement or declaration stated in the programme that is valid. In case of telephone or on-line selling the tourist is considered to have accepted the points of the General conditions of operation after they have ordered a particular tourist arrangement over the telephone or through the Internet. The tourist can get information about the points of general conditions and instructions on the web page, where they are explicitly indicated and generally accessible. A person placing an order or a tourist is every person who has made a valid reservation or has purchased a particular tourist arrangement or any other service by Abctour Ltd.and the General conditions and instructions for tourist arrangements refer to them.



The tourist can register at a particular tourist arrangement organized by Abctour Ltd. at any branch of the Abctour Tourist Agency or any authorized agency. At registration Abctour Ltd. and the tourist make a contract which is at the same time also the booking receipt and it includes information about the passenger's tourist arrangement or it refers to the programme of the arrengement where this information is stated. At registration the tourist must state all the information and present the documents demanded by the travelling programme, and they must also pay for the registration and registration costs. For our services Abctour Ltd. charges the tourist standard booking costs and the costs of making an offer for selling tourist arrangements, ie € 14.00 per registration (voucher) or € 22.00 for the journeys arranged by order, which is made known in a visible place at Abctour branches. In case the tourist does not give the correct information at registration, it is the tourist who is responsible for all the costs or consequences that come into being due to incorrect information. The tourist is bound by their registration. The registration can be cancelled only if it is according to the paragraphs on the tourist's journey cancellation stated in the General conditions. A registration that the tourist is bound by is apart from an explicit writing application or a signed writing contract also any order stated orally or in writing which includes the name and surname of the tourist and other passengers, their credit card number or any other paying instrument, the purchase of the registration or its part, paying for registration costs or a deed pointing at the tourist's having sent the registration that the tourist is bound by, or the application including any of the above stated information. If you cannot find a desired destination or object in our catalogue, it will be our pleasure to provide you with the reservation according to your wish. To get the reservation according to your wish, you need to deposit € 20.90 (for a reservation up to 20 days before departure 30%, 10 days before departure you need to deposit a whole amount of the anticipated worth of the arrangement) as a guarantee that the reservation will be realized. In case of your confirmation the already paid amount is included in the final payment, in case that you change your mind and you do not confirm the reservation, the money already paid is withheld as the cost of realizing the reservation. For each change of the already confirmed reservation of an arrangement, you need to pay €14.00. If the tourist or their registered place does not pay for the arrangement in due time, it is considered that they have cancelled their arrangement. The organizer has a right to charge the cancellation costs acccording to the JOURNEY CANCELLATION paragraph. Have you decided on a reservation with an option (demand or supply) by the organizer, it is the conditions indicated in the optional document that are valid for making a contract. The option is not valid and the tourist is not bound by it shoud there be a case of superior force or stop booking.  

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