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Daytrip with Van

 Bratislava Day Trip from Ljubljana
Discover nice, charming, friendly Slovakian capital, enjoy walking around the streets of Old town. Where did Maria Theresia get her crown ...
Price per person:
159,00 €
Alpe Adria - Visit Lake Bled and Piran
Alpine beauties Lake Bled and Bled castle, Mediterranean town Piran and Socerb Castle above the bay of Triest
Price per person:
99,00 €
Alpine Lakes - Bled and Bohinj
Slovenia's jewel Bled with it's lake and Pletna boats, Bohinj and the glacial lake, Pokljuka plateau and Triglav National Park.
Price per person:
140,00 €
Bled, Bohinj and Vintgar gorge - day trip
Excursion to Julian Alps and Triglav national Park: glacial lakes Bled and Bohinj and walk through Vintgar gorge, time to taste local food - day trip
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Budapest Day Trip from Ljubljana
Find out why Budapest got nicknamed ‘Paris on the Danube river’. Learn how Buda and Pest became one city, try understanding Hungarian
Price per person:
149,00 €
Coastbusters - Seaside in one day tour
Socerb castle, Hrastovlje church and frescoes, Sečovlje Nature Park with it's salt fields, picturesque Piran and historical Koper, all in one day!
Price per person:
109,00 €
Goriška Brda - Sightseeing and wine tasting trip
Goriška brda at the western border with Slovenia's best wine and olive oil, Dobrovo castle and huge wine cellar, Šmartno medieval village
Price per person:
99,00 €
Graz/Gradec Day Trip from Ljubljana
Graz is definitely the place of great symbiosis between past and present. They did excellent work while Cultural capital of Europe 2009
Price per person:
139,00 €
Idrija UNESCO heritage of Lace/Mercury
The town of Idrija, underground system of mine tunels, and klavže-dams built on the river Idrijca nicknamed Slovenian pyramides
Price per person:
89,00 €
Koper, Piran and Portorož - day trip for groups
Slovenia is not only Alpine and Panonian and carsic, it is a Mediterranean country, too and you'll see the best of it in a day.
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Maribor and Styria – Wine and History
Visit to the wolrd's old grape vine in Maribor and wine presentation with tasting, Žiče monastery, lovely little old town Slovenske Konjice.
Price per person:
137,00 €
Passenger transport and transfers
Passenger transport and transfers, Renault Trafic Grand Spaceclass in Slovenia and Europe. Transfers from or to airports.
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