Departure at 9 am from Ljubljana towards the coast. Arrival to Koper and sightseeing (Pretorian Palace, palace Loggia), a walk across the city centre. Afterwards we continue towards the oldest Slovenian seaside town Piran, where we admire beautiful Tartini Square and town church, take a walk around the town and then have a lunch break at one of the local restaurants. After lunch we depart towards Portorož, the most popular Slovenian coastal destination, where you will be able to take a walk along the main promenade and take some time for coffee at one of the numerous cafes and bars by the sea. In the late afternoon departure back to Ljubljana.




 Sečovlje Salt-pans



Typical Istrian wine cellar is built of the typical Istrian limestone. The largest portion of the cellar has been built inside the slope of the Hill of Škocjan, while the ground floor has been completely entrenched into the soil. Natural construction materials offer many advantages; the most important of all is the relatively constant temperature inside the cellar. Annual temperature swings therefore do not exceed 10°C.
Summer temperatures are never higher than 18°C, while in winter they never fall below 8°C, thus creating the best conditions for ageing and storing the wines. 


Cultural heritage of the salt-pans reflect the life and work of salters from the North-East Adriatic coast in the last century. The oldest heritage can be seen in the basins called Fontanigge, where the ruins of salt-pan houses, traces of salt fields, banks and channels testify of once existing Piran salt-pans, active until the 1960s. Mobile cultural heritage of the old Piran salt-pans is preserved, protected and presented at the Museum of Saltmaking by the channel Giassi. From once numerous salt-pans in the Gulf of Trieste only those in Sečovlje and Strunjan have remained, therefore their testimony is even more precious. 

They represent ethnological, technical, historical, urban, and landscape heritage of extreme importance. Immovable cultural heritage includes salt fields (active and abandoned), channels and banks with stone walls, stairs and barriers (only stone parts are preserved), salt-pan houses with the surrounding (also their ruins and locations), paths, bridges, pumps etc.
Sečovlje salt-pans are the only salt-pans along the east coast of the Adriatic sea, where they use traditional approach in the whole process and produce salt by daily harvesting in salt water where the salters cultivate so called petola - a special type of biosediment.




Densely built-up old seaport town and nowadays a sea resort is situated at the end of Piran peninsula, which is slowly narrowing between the Gulf of Piran and the Gulf of Strunjan. The town preserved its medieval image with narrow streets and continuous houses rising from the coastal level up towards the top of the ridge, thus giving the entire environment typical mediterranean character. Sights not to be overlooked in the town include Tartini square, Venetian house, municipality palace and many churches. 




Portorož is a worldly tourist centre in Slovenian Istria. Development of this tourist place by the Gulf of Piran began in the 19th century, when they discovered beneficient effects of salt mud from the nearby salt-pans. The place has visitors all around the year due to its well developed tourist infrastructure. Fbulous surroundings with pleasant climate, numerous modern hotels, covered and heated sea water pools, casino,… are a good ground for relaxed vacation and also for lively congress activity.
The nearby airport enables fast access from all parts of Europe, while nearby marine offers a safe shelter and starting point for nautical tourism.




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Day trips

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